Money for the Living Earth

The Talent Currency Network is a model for a set of distributed digital blockchain currencies.

The model connects money supply and value to direct measurements of key environmental health metrics such as:

  • CO2e – a measure of atmospheric CO2 equivalent levels
  • Ocean Aragonite – a measure of ocean acidity (determines whether shell-producing ocean animals can successfully build their shells and survive)
  • O3  a measure of stratospheric ozone
  • Bio, the rate of biodiversity loss
  • N, industrial and agricultural nitrogen fixation
  • P, anthropogenic phosphorous inflow to oceans
  • Freshwater, a measure of global freshwater consumption
  • Land, a measure of the ice-free land under cropland
  • Chemical Pollution and Aerosols

Non-environmental metrics in the model include:

  • Human Welfare, a complex measure determined regionally through the votes of participants
  • Nonproliferation, a measure of nuclear and catastrophic weapons proliferation within and across regions

These metrics are then used to form the basis of multiple blockchain currencies. Some currencies will be specific to geographic regions. Others are independent of region.

Our goal is to transform the meaning of money and economy.

In the future, we will see all economic wealth as arising from the living planet, and not separate from it.

We are a non-profit project in the public interest.

For more information, see the FAQ or read the whitepaper.